Young Adult Addiction Treatment

Whether you wish to attend college or not, Hope Academy welcomes you. We are helping young adults recover from addiction, discover their passion and aspire to more.


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For Parents

At Hope Academy, we understand how easy it is to feel out of control when your child is addicted. We will walk with you through the intervention, admissions, and rehabilitation processes. We help parents advocate for their children, so they get the help they need before it is too late.

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For Young Adults

If you are fearful of making a lifestyle change, you are not alone. You will be in the company of like-minded young adults who have had similar experiences and inhibitions. Soon those fears will be replaced with confidence that life is far more fulfilling, exciting and fun that the one you may be experiencing now.

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Our Mission


CARF AccreditedThe Mission of Hope Academy’s young adult addiction treatment program is to guide our clients through the process of becoming successful young men and women, one step at a time. By highlighting the client’s current skill set, focusing on areas of enhancement and developing more productive habits, staff will train and encourage each individual to accomplish their educational and professional goals.


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