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Saddleback Community College was founded in 1968 and is a fully accredited local community college. Offering more than 300 associates degrees and certificates, Saddleback boasts a successful alumni body of more than 500,000 graduates. Located less than 5 miles from Hope by the Sea, our clients enjoy the luxury of a short 8 minute transit time to campus. Saddleback is ranked first among Orange County community colleges in transfers to San Diego State University, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, USC, and ASU. They are also ranked second in transfers to UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UC San Diego.


The student centered philosophy focuses on the success of each individual by adhering to these core values: Commitment, Excellence, Collegiality, Partnership, Innovation, Academic Freedom, Sustainability, Inclusiveness, and Global Awareness. In addition to the exceptional faculty working with the students in the classroom, many services are designed to assist those with possible learning disabilities as well.


Saddle Back College Administration BuildingStudents over the age of 18 may apply for admissions to Saddleback. Those who did not complete high school ARE NOT turned away. A student id will then be issued within the next 72 hours. Each student will be required to complete matriculation testing to determine the appropriate level of classes in which to enroll. If a student has previously completed college level math and English, or 30 college credits, the matriculation test will not be required. Depending on the time of year, the student may be able to register for classes right away, or they may be required to wait a couple of weeks. Classes begin virtually every 8 weeks, so there is typically not an extended delay to begin courses.


Hope By The Sea's philosophy, of individual strength, resolving issues, and finding serenity, serves as the backbone to our college program. We understand that each of our clients are anxious to finish their degree immediately, however, it is imperative that the client be properly guided to a position of responsible independence while keeping their main focus on recovery. Our program incorporates attendance to college classes with daily therapy, group sessions, and AA meetings. Each client has the incredible opportunity to remain in a sober environment while transitioning to the life of a responsible college student.

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