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Sobriety College Guidelines


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After a minimum of 30 days of residential addiction treatment, a client may request to enter the college program. Based on the client's progress in recovery, their counselor from Hope By the Sea will either approve or deny this request. The client is required to have a solid sponsor they are working with. This sponsor must be introduced to the client's counselor, and to the house manager when the client transitions to their new living facility. While meeting two to three times a week with a sponsor is typical, a minimum of meeting once a week is a further requirement for each client. We understand that the client's schedule will become increasingly busy during times of mid-terms and finals, however, (such is life), and the main focus will continue to be on sobriety. NOT meeting with a sponsor is NOT an option. Failure to adhere to this requirement will result in revocation of weekend activities.


The client (student) will live in a Hope by the Sea's college home while enrolled in the college program. The main focus is on the client's continued sobriety, while incorporating school into their life. Working a part time job is absolutely NOT an option during the first 3 stages of the program, and is highly discouraged during the 4th stage as well. The reason for this is due to the increasing school work load the student will be encountering. Furthermore, a vehicle is NOT an option during the first 3 stages and is also discouraged for the 4th stage. We understand increased freedom is a desire for many clients, but we must remember that sobriety and school are the focal points, and recall that the client's unchecked freedom is what placed them in their current situation to begin with. Transportation to and from the center, school, and activities is provided.

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Students will complete their application online for Saddleback Community College. They will receive assistance with this process. A student ID will then be created and emailed to the student within 72 hours. We will also walk the student through the financial aid process. Financial aid consists of grants, scholarships, AND loans. All financial aid options will be explained to the student.


Saddleback College Campus areaDepending on the time of year, the student may be able to immediately register for class, or they may need to wait until their registration date arrives. If their registration date is more than 2 months away, we will review online options with another regionally accredited school. Please be aware that online courses have higher tuition costs. Should the online option be the only one available, the student will ONLY complete one or two classes, and then transfer to on-campus classes at Saddleback.


The student will enroll in two (2) 16 week semester classes their first semester, or one (1) 8 week course followed by a second 8 week course. The student will continue taking one (1) course for both summer school sessions, with the first session beginning May 21, 2012 and the second beginning June 18, 2012. Summer school courses are either six (6) or eight (8) weeks in length.


When the student enters their second semester, they will enroll into three (3) courses, and will have the option to enroll into a fourth. In order to enroll in a fourth course, the student must have earned a B in each of their previous courses, or have an overall GPA of a 3.0 for courses taken while in Hope By The Sea's college program (previously completed college credits will not be factored into their current GPA for this purpose). We understand that finishing school as soon as possible is a goal for each student, if the student is struggling to earn C's while enrolled in two classes, taking four classes at a time will simply be overwhelming and set up the student for failure.


Upon completion of the first year of college, the client will have the option of remaining in Hope Academy's college house, or transition to Hope By The Sea's sober living home.


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