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Addiction Aftercare & Support for Young Adults


While aftercare is an essential part of any addiction recovery program, it is especially important for adolescents and young adults. Upon returning home, it is all-too-easy for clients to gravitate to former patterns, dangerous environmental triggers, and toxic relationships. At Hope Academy, we create a supportive transition between treatment completion and the return home, so clients have the best chance at sustained sobriety.

Young adults are particularly vulnerable to relapse during the first 90 days after treatment, but sobriety is a never-ending battle. Often, young adults choose to room with Hope by the Sea alumni after completing their residential treatment program. This living situation provides a safe, structured environment where participants continue to focus on studying, attending class, and mastering post-recovery strategies. Hope by the Sea staff is also available to provide after-treatment support, whether clients opt for sober living communities or decide to return home. As needed, Hope Academy connects clients with transitional outpatient care or halfway houses focused on recovery from alcohol, drug, gambling, or sex addiction.

Additional Hope Academy aftercare services include:

· Customized discharge plans
· Relapse prevention education
· Aftercare support groups & 12-step meetings
· Professional development workshops
· Resume writing & job search assistance
· Study groups & strategies
· Social opportunities
· Family support

Benefits of Sober Living Communities

A sober living environment is an excellent step toward home—without putting overwhelming social and family pressures on the recovering addict. Advantages of sober living environments include:

· An opportunity to complete school or find a job. Sober companions and communities support young adults as they take the next step in their career search or academic pursuits.
· Time to find a new home. For many recovering addicts, returning home is not an option. Family members and friends may have enabled or complicated their mental illness, and a halfway house helps residents weigh options for apartments, roommates, or other housing opportunities.
· Reconciliation. The Hope by the Sea team is available to help post-treatment clients restore relationships, ask for forgiveness, and continue the healing process they began during rehab.
· Transition to independence. Ultimately the Hope Academy team desires for each young adult to establish a healthy, substance-free lifestyle during post-recovery. Sober living houses help ease the stress of overwhelming responsibility so clients can transition slowly back to the rigors of “real life.”

Tailored Aftercare Planning at Hope Academy in CA

Sobriety requires a lifetime commitment, but we’re here to help. To learn more about Hope Academy support groups, transitional living options, and aftercare programs call or email our team of credentialed addiction specialists today!




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