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Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield Addiction Treatment Coverage


At Hope Academy, we offer addiction treatment and educational support programs that set young adults on a path to lasting sobriety and vocational success. As part of our integrated approach to drug and alcohol recovery, we have partnered with Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield to provide PPO insurance coverage that reduces the financial burden of rehab. Anthem is an in-network behavioral health provider for our facility and its sister treatment centers. Working with Anthem BCBS’s behavioral healthcare managers, our admissions counselors verify your insurance coverage and help you navigate the reimbursement process for inpatient or outpatient care.


Services Covered by Anthem BCBS

Hope Academy’s partnership with insurance providers like Anthem is rooted in a desire to help young adults regain their footing and discover the freedom of sober living. Our high-caliber treatment continuum spans all levels of care, from detox and residential treatment to outpatient and sobriety college programs. Based on your level of coverage, Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield may help you pay for these individualized services:  



Addiction Treatment Coverage by Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield

Hope Academy wants to streamline the recovery process and make it as accessible as possible. To that end, our admissions team will discuss your medical and behavioral health needs, verify your insurance, and simplify the insurance benefits process so you may begin treatment quickly and successfully. We proudly accept these Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield in-network policies:  



At the current time, we are not in-network with Blue Shield of California. However, our insurance advocates may be able to arrange partial reimbursement through a point-of-service or out-of-network benefit structure.

When insurance coverage is not an option, we provide flexible payment planning that helps clients obtain treatment without worrying about finances.  Begin the Anthem verification process by calling 866.930.4673 now.


Today Is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Many young people long for a fulfilling life outside of chemical dependency, but they don’t know where to begin. If you or someone you love needs a proven, affordable way to pursue lasting recovery and realize their college or career dreams, start here.

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