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Hope Academy’s addiction treatment facility offers inpatient detoxification for young adults entering our residential program. The goal of detoxification is not just physical. Instead, it is a fresh start: an opportunity to cleanse the mind, body, and spirit so clients can begin the treatment phase with clarity and hope. Once the brain and body have been given a break from invasive substances, young people are more prepared to retain information about how to achieve and maintain sobriety.

Detoxification is an individual process that varies based upon client needs. Treatment plans differ by age, health history, drug use duration, and the presence of co-existing conditions. At Hope Academy, our credentialed addiction team specializes in helping participants ages 18 to 26 begin the drug and alcohol addiction treatment process. During detox, you will be supervised by our experienced medical staff, and will be made as comfortable as possible. So comfortable, in fact, that you may be able to start rehabilitative treatment right away.

Detoxification Process

Getting clean is the first step to early recovery. While addicts and alcoholics often want to pursue sobriety, they are overcome with physical and mental substance cravings. Our medical professionals determine what detox steps are needed for each client. Chemicals leave the body within a few days, but the psychological and physical symptoms of addiction may remain. Professional detox helps to curb physical symptoms so that you can better deal with mental and emotional symptoms.

The length of your professional CA detox program will vary depending upon the severity of your addiction, the type of drug used, and your body’s response to withdrawal. Remember, though—the Hope Academy team has trained medical professionals and therapists that provide effective support throughout each stage of detox. Using medical interventions, holistic therapies, meditation, nutrition, exercise, and other techniques, we help you manage withdrawal, cope with cravings, and begin your rehab program with a positive outlook.

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Craving Management

The most prominent withdrawal symptom is physical and psychological craving. Drug and alcohol detox is designed to recondition your body to not crave the substance physically. Then, as you proceed with therapy and rehabilitation, you will slowly address your psychological cravings and learn to replace chemical dependency with healthy stress relievers.

Detoxification is an emotional, demanding process that should be managed by medical professionals and is unsafe to attempt at home. Hope Academy’s drug detox and craving management program helps clients safely withdraw from street drugs, prescription drugs, and other substances, including:

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Many drug and alcohol abusers avoid recovery because they are afraid of detox. At Hope Academy, we encourage clients to rethink this process as the beginning of restoration and a second chance at life. Proper detox methods help to kick off your rehabilitation program successfully, and can help you succeed in long-term recovery. To speak with our Admissions Department or request information about CA drug detox, email or call today.

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