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Job Preparation


Recovering addicts often find it overwhelming to find or begin a new job. At Hope Academy, we provide practical, real-world guidance for clients who have completed college or are already pursuing a professional or vocational career. Through a series of workshops and one-on-one counseling opportunities, young adults learn to overcome personal employment barriers, understand their career options, present themselves to future employers, and incorporate recovery principles into the work environment.

With the help of our experienced employment preparation team, Hope Academy clients have the opportunity to:

Participate in personality inventories & career assessments. Clients unsure about their job path can take a series of tests to discover their passion and explore career options.
Write a resume & participate in mock interviews. Many young adults don’t know where to begin when it comes to the job search. Our team helps you write and refine your resume and develop confident interview techniques.
Learn about assertiveness & conflict resolution. Part of recovery is building self-worth and exchanging anger for healthy assertiveness. Hope Academy clients learn to create healthy boundaries and cope with conflict without resorting to manipulation or aggressiveness.
Find new ways to manage work-related stress. Once you realize that drugs and drinking are unhealthy ways to relax, you can explore healthy stress outlets that help you stay sober and achieve work-life balance.
Learn to deal with triggers at work. Happy hour, holiday parties, and other places or events can trigger the desire to use. At Hope Academy, you will learn to identify and avoid these relapse triggers.


Prepare for Your Career During Rehab

Having stable employment and a healthy routine is a crucial part of putting your life back together after rehab, but it’s not easy to return to the workplace. At Hope Academy, our team helps young adults rebuild their lives, restore confidence, find a career that suits their talents, and transition from rehab into their chosen vocation. To learn more about our job preparation services or speak with a member of the Hope Academy team, call (866) 670-4673. It is our pleasure to journey with you on the path to sobriety and success!


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