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When drug and alcohol abuse becomes part of the adolescent experience, the physical and emotional impact is often devastating. Addiction is a disease that can have an untold impact on a young adult’s family—as well as their school, social circles, and community. If your son or daughter develops an addiction, it is unlikely they will seek help on their own. Many addicted adolescents are angry, confused, or in total denial of their substance abuse problem. Others may cry out for help, but are not clear-headed enough to make decisions about their wellbeing. At Hope Academy, we help parents advocate for their children, so they get the help they need before it is too late.

Fear, Pain & Addiction


Families of addicted young adults ride an emotional rollercoaster. Faced with the daily thought that their child might overdose, steal, or be arrested, parents are paralyzed by fear, anger and resentment. At Hope Academy, we understand how easy it is to feel out of control when your child is addicted. When you contact our credentialed sobriety specialists, we’ll walk with you through the intervention, admissions, and rehabilitation processes.

While you may not like your child’s behavior when they are under the influence of drugs and alcohol, you never stop loving them. Becoming involved with their treatment in a supportive manner gives them the best chance of success. With your help, Hope Academy will walk alongside your teen or young adult: helping them attain sobriety and teaching them to thrive.

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Addiction Treatment Benefits


We’ve all heard about occasions when “tough love” is called for, but many parents are hesitant to allow their son or daughter to attend a residential addiction recovery program. Some feel responsible and dread losing control over the situation. Others endure endless fighting and verbal abuse when they mention rehabilitation to their child. Remember, though: as addiction escalates, your child’s environment could be enabling co-dependency and furthering destructive behaviors.

Young adults who participate in residential rehabilitation programs make a fresh start by leaving environmental triggers, dangerous friends, and other negative influences behind. At Hope Academy, participants receive the counseling, support, and care they need to begin healing. In the meantime, families have the opportunity to pursue healing, as well—and are better suited to support their child when they deal with their personal grief and anger.

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If your son or daughter has a substance abuse problem, act now. Our team of therapists, social workers, and medical staff specialize in young adult addiction recovery, and will help your child pursue sobriety and open doors to a brighter academic and professional future. Choose Hope. Our team is here to help.

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