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Drug and alcohol rehab teaches young adults the skills they need to become sober and remain healthy. In addition to providing a therapeutic environment for recovery and career planning, Hope Academy offers one-on-one coaching opportunities for residents. There are three main components to our young adult addiction treatment coaching. These include:

Recovery & Sobriety. At Hope Academy, recovery comes first. Stressors inevitably arise as you begin working toward your academic and career goals, so our #1 goal is teaching you to manage these pressures without resorting to substance abuse. Our sobriety coaches help clients:

· Identify triggers
· Utilize relaxation & stress management techniques
· Incorporate proper nutrition & exercise into their routine
· Prioritize meetings & support groups around school & employment
· Plan for the transition from treatment to home

Life Skills Coaching. Hope Academy teaches residents and outpatients many of the life skills required to transition to sober living and manage their finances, careers, and personal lives. Our one-on-one coaches work with clients to teach them:

· Wise spending & saving habits
· Budgeting & credit
· Tax filing
· Resume & cover letter writing
· Job preparation
· Interview skills
· Salary negotiation
· Personal time management
· Relational skills & conflict resolution
· Laundry, shopping & household management

CA Addiction Rehab for Young People

As you move from the bondage of addiction toward the freedom of healing, the Hope Academy team helps you manage life, school, and sobriety setbacks. Our one-on-one coaching is confidential and tailored to your needs, and our experienced team specializes in helping young adults ages 18 to 26. To learn more about coaching programs or begin the rehab admission process, contact an addiction specialist today!




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