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Young Adult Addiction Recovery Services

If you or someone you love is wrestling with substance abuse, Hope Academy offers unique residential and outpatient programs for ages 18 to 26. Helping addicted individuals build a foundation of sobriety while they pursue professional and academic development, our facility offers full-service programming from early recovery through aftercare.

Comprehensive CA young adult addiction treatment includes:

· Detoxification
· One-on-one coaching
· Job preparation

What to Expect at Hope Academy

Our number-one goal is to help participants approach life’s stressors with a sober mind. Equipping young adults with the disease education and stress management techniques they need in the real world, our therapists and medical professionals empower clients to seek a healthy future for themselves and their families.

During their stay at Hope Academy, participants learn to forgive themselves, restore relationships, and avoid harmful triggers that caused them to use in the past. In addition, Hope Academy is focused on guiding clients through the rigors of post recovery. As part of this initiative, clients receive training in:

· Professional development
· Resume preparation
· Job seeking
· Financial aid applications
· Test preparation & study methods
· Budgeting & saving money
· Preparing for home & car purchases
· Preparing & filing taxes

Learn More About Our Academy for Young Adult Addicts

A sister program to California’s Hope by the Sea, Hope Academy serves young people pursuing recovery from drug, alcohol, and other addictions. Teens and young adults ages 18 to 26 are encouraged to plan for their future during treatment. Hope Academy embraces a student-centered philosophy focused on individual success, and the program also treats clients with learning disabilities or co-occurring disorders. To learn more, fill out our online inquiry or call 877.670.4673 today!




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