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Alcohol Abuse Treatment

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), the young adult subgroup makes up 31.5% of alcoholics. These young adults are under age 25 and are at a high risk for binge drinking behaviors. Social anxiety, peer pressure, and a partying culture contribute to dangerous patterns, but the highly trained Hope Academy staff helps clients address the root of their addiction. Providing a customized approach to young adult addiction recovery, we promote sobriety through therapy, support groups, and lifestyle changes.

Benefits of Hope Academy Alcohol Recovery

Young adults often have a skewed view of addiction recovery. Seeing it as something that has been forced upon them, they rebel or fail to admit that they have a drinking problem. At Hope Academy, we provide a safe environment in which teens and young adults feel comfortable sharing their concerns and setting sobriety goals. Features of our alcohol abuse program include:

· Age-specific disease education
· Group & individual therapy
· Interactive workshops
· Peer outings & recreational opportunities
· Fitness & nutrition guidance
· Family therapy
· Dual-diagnosis management

Alcohol Treatment Essentials for Young Adults

The most successful treatment for young adult alcohol abuse is early intervention. As young alcoholics become more deeply entrenched in their addiction, they are more likely to steal and commit other crimes as part of an alcohol-seeking lifestyle. When families, schools, and communities are vigilant about early intervention, mentoring, and disease education, teens can turn their lifestyle around before alcoholism becomes a way of life.

Young Adult Alcohol Rehab at Hope Academy

No matter how severe your alcohol abuse problem, Hope Academy can help. Our clinical staff helps you attain sobriety and thrive into your adult years. Interested clients receive training in life skills and professional development. To learn more about our CA alcohol rehab or to begin the admissions process for you or a loved one, call or email the Hope Academy team today.




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