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Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Young Adults


Addiction recovery is always a rocky road, but when young adults are dealing with a coexisting mental health issue, the rehabilitation process requires specialized dual-diagnosis expertise. At Hope by the Sea’s Hope Academy program, we conduct a series of tests upon admission to determine if mental illness is complicating substance abuse. Once we gain a comprehensive understanding of each patient’s individual health challenges, our CA addiction treatment team develops customized treatment programs that target their particular needs.

What is a Dual Diagnosis?

Whether they develop as a result of chemical dependency or are an underlying issue before addiction begins, dual diagnoses (also called “co-occurring disorders”) may include:

As addiction worsens, so does the co-occurring condition—and vice versa. Because of this, both diseases must be treated simultaneously to achieve the best results. Depending upon the individual client’s needs, Hope Academy’s treatment programs for dual diagnosis patients may include group and individual therapy, recreational therapy, nutrition and exercise, support groups, medication management, family therapy, and aftercare planning.

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What is Self-Medicating ?

Sometimes teens and young adults self-medicate to deal with their mental illness and become addicted to these medications on top of alcohol and other drugs. Mixing substances is a dangerous and potentially lethal way to deal with depression, anxiety, and other disorders. As one of few CA addiction treatment centers equipped to treat dual-diagnosis patients, Hope Academy determines what medications are necessary to manage the dual-diagnosis, and ensures that they are safely administered for optimal results. When needed, Hope Academy also works with outside physicians and practitioners to ensure that dual-diagnosis patients receive the best possible care.

California Dual-Diagnosis Addiction Treatment for Young People

Addicted teens and young adults living in California and beyond should dial 866.930.4673 to discuss our young adult addiction program. You can also inquire online to request a consultation or discuss insurance options for dual-diagnosis care. Working to build self-esteem and confidence throughout each portion of our program, our CA rehab specialists offer residential and outpatient care programs for ages 18 to 26. Experience mental and emotional healing while surrounded by the peace and serenity of the ocean. Call today!

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